Oct 08

Lift Fan Labs - ThinGap Featured in Aerospace Testing Magazine

DARPA has sponsored two ducted lift fan test efforts aimed at compact vertical take-off and… more...

Jun 10

Electric Ducted Lift Fan Completes High Powered Thrust Tests

Aurora Flight Sciences along with partners ThinGap and Trust Automation are answering the need for… more...

May 17

Ventura firm’s lightweight motors well-suited to electric cars, drones

Ventura-based ThinGap will soon roll out a new line of advanced motors that could find… more...

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ThinGap is a world leader in high performance electromechanical conversion.  We have been in business designing and manufacturing electric motors and generators for 16 years with over 150,000 motors operating in the field today.

Our industry leading technologies replace the conventional iron core motor with an ironless composite stator and high energy lightweight rotor.  Together these technologies provide unprecedented power and torque density, mechanical flexibility, smoothness, and efficiency. 

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