Products & Services

Standard Products

ThinGap offers off the shelf motors that range from 0.5 to 1 kW continuous power output. All ThinGap machines have industry leading power and torque density, are easily integrated into a variety of applications, have exceptional velocity smoothness, and can operate as three phase brushless generators. Off the shelf motors are sold either as frameless rotor – stator part set or as complete assemblies with hub, shaft, mount, and bearings.

New Products

ThinGap is currently developing a series of new off the shelf ring motors including a 7” outer diameter motor with 4 kW shaft power.

Please Contact Us to discuss these machines.

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Custom Solutions

ThinGap specializes in the development and production of custom high performance brushless DC and synchronous permanent magnet motors and generators. These machines utilize our ironless composite stator and lightweight high energy rotor technologies. We have designed and manufactured machines from 0.1 kW to 70 kW shaft power and are currently developing 100+ kW machines for high power density propulsion, power generation, energy storage, and other applications.

Engineering Services

  • Electromechanical machine design and systems engineering
  • Advanced numerical analysis through JMAG and Matlab
  • Full mechanical design capabilities including finite element analysis
  • Motor and generator testing, data acquisition, and characterization
  • Full automated control of testing and data acquisition through LabView
  • Custom test equipment design and build
  • Contact Us with your electromagnetic analysis, design, systems engineering, or testing needs