Electric Ducted Lift Fan Completes High Powered Thrust Tests

Aurora Flight Sciences along with partners ThinGap and Trust Automation are answering the need for safe, high power density electric lift fans, with specific interest in vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) air vehicle applications. The team’s unique approach utilizes a DC brushless ring motor, high switching rate controller, and ducted fan. The low disk loading compared to turbojets and turbofans minimizes the amount of debris kicked up during operation. Read the full press release…

Ventura firm’s lightweight motors well-suited to electric cars, drones

Ventura-based ThinGap will soon roll out a new line of advanced motors that could find uses in everything from unmanned aerial vehicles to electric cars.

For more than a decade, Thin-Gap has been making lightweight motors with extremely good power density — that is, they produce more than three times the horsepower per pound of motor than the competition.

Read full article in Pacific Coast Business Times…

TG7140 Ring Motor

ThinGap newest product is a 4 kW shaft power 7” outer diameter motor/generator with a rotor – stator part set that weighs less than 1.6 pounds. The motor will be offered both as a frameless part set and a complete bolt on assembly. Look for an official release Summer 2013, pre-orders are currently being accepted.