Aerospace and Defense

Military applications require motors to be efficient and lightweight but also high power, often while operating under harsh environmental conditions. With industry leading torque and power densities, our motors have been designed into a variety of mission critical applications. ThinGap’s lightweight BLDC motors are quiet and low vibration.

Whether you need smooth, precise actuation for a UAV, aircraft or missile, ThinGap delivers solutions. When used for wing actuation, trim and stabilizer actuation, flight surface actuation or a turret rotation servo, ThinGap delivers motors that can be precisely controlled for exacting positioning. True-Zero ™ zero cogging torque means you can rely on the motion being precise and smooth.

Our proprietary ironless stator is also ideal for starter generators. The low impedance stator provides a stable, sinusoidal, low-droop voltage source. ThinGap is an industry leader for UAV starter-generators.

Unlike slotted motors, ThinGap’s BLDC ring motor architecture uses an ironless stator which allows our motors to be scaled to large sizes and speeds while maintaining a high power-to-weight ratio. Our motors have been manufactured up to 36” in diameter and 550Kw


  • High torque to weight ratio
  • Scalable power from 50W to 550kW
  • Lightweight and low inertia
  • Improved system integration due to our ring architecture
  • Zero cogging means higher precision gimbals and gyroscopes


  • Flight Actuation for fixed wing and helicopters
  • Integrated Starter/Generator Systems
  • Engine Cooling Fans/HVAC
  • Hydraulic Pump Motors,Fuel Pumps, Cooling Pumps
  • Submersible fuel and hydraulic pumps
  • Auxiliary Power Unit Generators
  • Generators
  • Gyroscopes/reaction wheels for aircraft/satellites
  • Ground, Aerospace, or Marine Propulsion