Electric Ground and Water Vehicles

ThinGap’s BLDC, ring-motor lends itself well to propulsion for ground vehicles in hub and direct drive motors. Due to our proprietary ironless stator design, our motors have less mass when compared to motors of equivalent power using traditional techniques. Lightweight motors have less unsprung mass which improves system performance in land vehicles.

High performance electric boats require motors which deliver high torque even at low speeds such as ThinGap’s TG23xx motor series. When coupled with one of the advanced propeller designs available on the market, our motors deliver fast, powerful, quiet and environmentally friendly propulsion for boats.

The need for motors to run compressors and pumps in all types of vehicles is universal. These motors need to be compact and lightweight but still deliver the torque and power for high-performance. ThinGap’s brushless DC motors are used to drive compressors in fluid pumps in high performance vehicles of all kind.


  • Power scalable from 50W to 550kW
  • High torque to weight ratio
  • Lightweight for lower unsprung mass
  • Improved system integration due to our ring architecture


  • Hydraulic and Fluid Pumps in Cars
  • Electric Scooters
  • Boats
  • Electrical Compressors/Pumps
  • Hub Motors