Unmanned Systems

ThinGap motors are widely used in both civilian and military UAV and ROV systems. UAVs demand lightweight components that don’t sacrifice performance. ThinGap’s permanent magnet, three-phase, brushless DC motors (BLDC) are engineered for high torque and power density. With lighter weight and less mass, our motors are quiet and low vibration.

Whether used in UAV propulsion or as starter generators, ThinGap motors and generators perform under the most rugged conditions.

ThinGap’s brushless DC motors use a unique ring architecture allowing propulsors to be directly attached to the outside of the rotor (propeller), or the inside of the rotor (impellor). In both cases, flexible system integration allows for more compact thruster designs with a lower parts count.

ThinGap uses a proprietary ironless stator in its brushless DC motors. One advantage of this technology is a “True-Zero ™” zero cogging torque. This makes them ideal for use as a direct drive for camera stabilization. Whether your gimbal is for commercial, industrial or military purposes, true smooth rotation and precise positioning is critical and ThinGap motors deliver.


  • High torque to weight ratio
  • Scalable power from 50W to 550kW
  • Light weight and low inertia
  • Improved system integration due to our ring architecture
  • “True-Zero ™” Zero cogging torque means higher precision gimbals and gyroscopes


  • UAV/ROV Propulsion Motors
  • UAV Power Generation and Hybrid Power Systems
  • UAV Camera Gimbal Systems
  • Electric Actuators
  • Electric Ground Vehicles (AGV)