Ironless Composite Stator

ThinGap’s core technology is our proprietary ironless composite stator. It’s the backbone of our innovative brushless motors and generators, resulting in machines with unprecedented performance.

In contrast to conventional wire wound slotted motors, ThinGap stators consist of electromagnetic coils embedded in a composite structure.  This facilitates a high ratio of conductor to total stator volume, excellent cooling, and near optimal interaction of the electromagnetic conductors with the magnetic rotor circuit.  Thus ThinGap machines have very high power density, torque density, smoothness, and efficiency.

Cogging torque that accompanies traditional motors is completely eliminated due to the absence of magnetic materials in the stator, and torque ripple effects are significantly reduced by our unique ironless design.  Ample design flexibility coupled with excellent power density, torque density, and smoothness makes ThinGap an excellent choice for demanding electromechanical conversion applications.