LS Series Brushless Motor

Introducing ThinGap’s LS Line of Slotless, Frameless Motor Kits

ThinGap’s LS line targets low speed, high precision applications such as gimbals, optics, and precision robotics.
Highest torque density with high power capability. Low thermal resistance at any speed.

Features include:

  • Smooth motion with zero cogging and ultra low torque ripple when paired with a sinusoidal drive
  • High peak torque to continuous torque ratio
  • Optimized for ultimate torque density
  • Stationary lamination stack for typical bore mounting
  • 3 phase brushless, sinusoidal waveforms < 1% THD
  • Non-saturating facilitates very high peak torque (typically >4:1)
  • Exceptionally large clear apertures
  • Frame-less kit facilitates deep integration
  • Large through hole

Available Products

Motor Model DesignationContinuous Torque Range (N-m)
LSI 590.2
LSI 75 Short0.29
LSI 75 Long0.66
LSI 1051.5 to 1.9
LSI 1301.9 to 2.2
LSI 1523.2
LSI 1606.5
LSI 26711.9

Number designation LSI-XXX indicates O.D. in mm. Contact ThinGap for detailed specifications and datasheets. Custom designs are also available.

ThinGap LS Motor vs Alternative Technologies