Mechanical Flexibility

ThinGap brushless motors and generators offer unsurpassed mechanical design flexibility. Our proprietary ironless composite stator provides an open design platform. This gives engineers the flexibility to achieve a high level of integration into their applications and offers ample opportunities for customization.

ThinGap’s motors allow easy development of custom hubs, shafts, and mounts for superior integration into your application. The center of the motor is essentially hollow, allowing mechanism components to be located inside the motor. Rotors can have magnets mounted outside the inner iron of the rotor, inside the outer iron of the rotor, or both. ThinGap motors are highly customizable – we offer a variety of rotor/stator combinations that achieve a range of torque/speed characteristics and are always open to exploring custom machine designs.

Faster Time-To-Market

To facilitate the design effort, ThinGap machines are available as either a rotor/stator set (only), or as a complete motor with rotor, stator, hub, shaft, and mount. This allows designers to customize the motor right from the very first prototype, rather than waiting for manufacturer modifications.

Ease of Assembly

There are NO magnetic materials in the stator and therefore no forces between the rotor and stator until the stator is energized. This makes assembly of a ThinGap machine much easier.

Dual Motor Mounting

Two ThinGap Motors can easily be installed back to back and coupled with a common shaft for more torque, or run counter-rotating with an inner and outer (hollow) shaft.

Custom Mounting To Outer-Rotating Rotor

The rotor can be modified prior to final assembly to include a wide variety of mountings such as gears, bearing stops, screw-fastened attachments, welded-on attachments, locating pin holes, fans, etc.

Flexible Stator Mounting

ThinGap composite stators can be mounted in a variety of configurations.

Hubs, Shafts, Bearings, and Mounts:

ThinGap Motors allow for a wide variety of mounting configurations to be used. Solid Shafts of different diameters, shafts with special steps, indentations, keyways or other features can be accommodated. Hub and bearing configurations can be designed for optimum integration into your mechanism.

While mounting hardware is normally fabricated from hardened steel, other materials can be used as well, including both aluminum, brass and titanium.

Hubs and mounts can attach to the rotor via screws into threaded holes in the Rotor, or they can be press-fit into the Rotor body, depending on the model. Shafts attach to the hub by various means to fit the application.

Standard mounting sets are available for our standard motors; this gives the option of having either a turnkey motor or the flexibility to use our standard motors with a custom mount. Custom shafts, mounts, and hubs are used for many purposes on ThinGap machines. Dimensions, materials, designs can be varied greatly and will depend on the customer’s application.

Customers often design, manufacture, and install special shafts and hubs to save space and increase the performance of their particular application.