Harold Shattuck


Harold Shattuck brings an extensive experience in both early stage company management and technical expertise. He has had a wealth of experience in all the corporate management aspects of computer software, hardware and manufacturing through engineering and marketing assignments at IBM, SVP Operations at Amdahl Corporation and as Chairman, President and CEO of Systems Industries, Inc., a public corporation focused on tape and disk storage systems.

In 1985 Mr. Shattuck entered the world of venture capital investing and banking as a Partner at Montgomery Securities. From 1988-91 he was Vice President and Managing Partner of Xerox Venture Capital, and served as Director on a number of Corporate Boards. From 1991-2000, Mr. Shattuck served as Founder and President of MC TecInvest, Inc. investing in US venture capital partnerships for Swiss corporate interests. Today, Mr. Shattuck is a Managing Partner of Palo Alto Consulting Group that specializes in providing interim senior management, CEO coaching, product marketing, financial and business development. He is also a director of Blue Sky Research and President of CFV Royalties Inc.(formerly Vapore Corp.)