Zero Cogging

The most defining feature of ThinGap’s proprietary motor technologies is the smooth, cogless motion made possible by the slotless architecture, meaning there are no iron teeth in the stator. This approach results
in a constant reluctance in the motor with respect to the angular position of the rotor, providing a complete absence of cogging during operation.

Low Torque Ripple

ThinGap motor kits produce no cogging, have good phase balance, and a back-EMF total harmonic distortion
of less than 1%. This means that the a ThinGap motor kit when matched with the proper driver that can
produce a perfect sine wave, with the resulting motion profile will have near zero torque ripple.

Linear Torque Constant

Another benefit of slotless motor architecture is the highly linear torque constant, since the stator does not saturate during operation. This means that the motor acts as a static torque converter, taking any input current and outputting torque based on the provided torque constant with the only limiting factor being generated heat.

Large Through Hole

The thin nature of ThinGap’s wave-wound stators and use of Halbach array rotors allows for a large through hole relative to the overall diameter of the motor, in many cases as much as 70% of the kits outer diameter.


High Power Density

Due to the absence of slots or “teeth”, ThinGap’s stators do not saturate during operation, allowing the motor
kit to continuously produce more torque as current is applied, without the falloff seen in traditional motors. Combined with a mechanical design which promotes convective cooling during operation means that the TG Series has unrivaled power density.

Zero Hysteretic Drag

One aspect of the TG series is the lack of ferrous material in the stator. This allows the motor to have zero hysteretic drag during operation, which provides exceptional fidelity for the end user. This, combined with the zero-cogging inherent in the motor kit makes it excellent as a “torque sensor” and for haptic feedback applications.

No Radial Forces

Another benefit of the TG Series ironless core is the lack of radial forces between the rotor and stator. This makes balancing the motor assembly significantly easier compared to an average BLDC motor kit.


Effective Heat Path

The steel lamination stack stator architecture of ThinGap’s LS Series allows for better heat rejection during operation, with customers commonly clamping or bonding directly to the lamination stack. This in turn improves the overall torque output of the kit, with the peak torque the motor can produce being significantly higher than a less thermally efficient motor of a similar size.

Low Profile

ThinGap’s LS Series of frameless motor are extremely low profile. This compact and efficient design, along with being offered as a frameless kit, allows for deep integration with bearings, harmonic drives, mechanical joints, and multiaxial gimbals.

High Torque-to-Weight Ratio

Enabled by the lightweight composite stator, and optimized rotor structure, ThinGap’s motors have an incredibly high torque-to-weight ratio, with zero cogging torque by design.