TG Brushless Motor Series

ThinGap’s TG Line of Motors

Highest power density motor design with high torque and inherent high speed capability.

  • “Classic ThinGap” topology
  • Optimized for highest power density with high torque capability
  • Dual inside and outside rotating back iron
  • Zero cogging, patented iron-less composite stator
  • Available in frameless kit form or motor assembly with shaft and bearings
  • Typically Hall effect sensors are pre-aligned and factory-installed, encoders option is available on some models
  • Sizes from 25 mm to 1 meter, power levels range from Milli to Mega Watts
  • 3 phase brush-less, precision sinusoidal waveform
  • Fail-safe wrap available over rotor magnets for ultra reliability
  • Fully encapsulated stator windings

Available Products

Motor Model DesignationContinuous Torque Range (N-m)Peak Continuous Torque (N-m)
TG23XX (Legacy Product)0.62 to 1.001.96 to 3.51
TG30XX0.14 to 0.410.23 to 0.48
TG51XX1.68 to 3.572.68 to 5.71
TG71XX2.98 to 4.834.77 to 7.72
TGO-1100.99 to 2.373.88 to 3.04
TGO-1907.87 to 10.0843.00 to 39.7

Ironless Composite Stator

ThinGap’s core technology is it’s proprietary ironless composite stator.

TG Series Architecture

  • Electromagnetic coils embedded in a composite structure
  • High ratio of conductor to total stator volume
  • Thin radial profile facilitates lightweight rotor designs
  • High power density
  • High torque density
  • Excellent convective cooling
  • Zero cogging for smooth and vibration free operation
  • Quiet torque output
  • Excellent motor design flexibility

High Energy Lightweight Rotor Designs

Dual rotating rotor completes the magnetic flux circuit without both Eddy current or iron losses.

TG Performance Relative to Conventional Motors

High torque production and up to twice the power-to-weight ratio of conventional brushless motors.