About Us

ThinGap is a leading provider of high performance, zero cogging slotless motor kits for use in applications that require smooth motion, precision actuation and deep integration. Based in Camarillo, California, ThinGap’s dedicated base of engineering, production and operations staff support customers in the aerospace, defense, medical and precision industrial markets. For more than twenty years, ThinGap’s has been rapidly designing, developing and producing high-quality, engineered-solutions that are USA-made.

With an emphasis on thin stator coils, optimized magnet rotors, proprietary modeling, and process capabilities, ThinGap coggless motors offer a high torque-to-weight ratio coupled with a large aperture and low profile. With two standard product lines, the TG and LS Series of motor kits, along with modified-standard and custom, application-specific designs, ThinGap offers a wide range of sizes, powers and form-factors for demanding applications.


Our Mission: Be The Industry Recognized Leader and Innovator in Slotless Motor Technologies

Our Market Strategy

  • Our Benefits: Efficiency and high performance, low profile, and cogless motors tailored to customer requirements.
  • Our Proven Process: Target applications that need performance, optimized solutions and heavy technical support.
  • Our Guarantee: Rapid reaction, engineered solutions, quality and program support that meets or exceed requirements.
  • Our Customers: Innovative OEMs, Prime Contractors, and Government Agencies designing their own end-systems.
  • Our Markets Served: Aerospace, Medical, Industrial, and Emerging Segments.

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