Standard Products

TG Series Slotless Motor Kits

ThinGap’s classic motor kit design, the TG Series. These light weight, high speed slotless motor kits are effective in low-drag, high-precision applications, such as satellite reaction wheels, haptic feedback, and airborne starter-generator systems. Built with an ironless stator, and boasting minimal back-EMF, along with an optimized permanent magnet rotor, the TG Series provides smooth, zero-cogging motion and high power density.

TG Series OD Range (mm)
TG Series Continuous Torque Range (N-m)
TG Series Continuous Speed Range (RPM)

LS Series Slotless Motor Kits

ThinGap’s newest line of motor kits, the LS Series targets lower-speed, high-precision applications like gimbals, optics, and precision robotics. The LS Series of motors boasts a large through hole and low torque ripple, along with zero cogging and high torque density that comes with all ThinGap motor kits. The stator’s outer lamination stack design offers an excellent thermal path for cooling over a range of speeds.

LS Series OD Range (mm)
LS Series Continuous Torque Range (N-m)
LS Series Continuous Speed Range (RPM)