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ThinGap Completes Production Floor Expansion

Thirty percent increase in production floor space and added headcount
Building lease commitment extended through December 2022

Camarillo, CA (August 2, 2019) — ThinGap Inc, has confirmed the completion of a recent production floor expansion, along with a hiring plan that expands its build capacity by 30%. The expansion and staffing of additional assembly, solder, and test workspaces addresses an uptick in business and the launch of a new product line, the LS Series.

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Press Release
ThinGap and Sierramotion to work on Integrated Slotless Motor Applications

Collaboration of ThinGap’s Zero Cogging Motor Kits and Sierramotion’s Motion System Expertise

Camarillo, CA (June 14, 2019) — ThinGap Inc. and Sierramotion Inc. have begun working on ways in which the two companies can collaborate in finding integration opportunities for ThinGap’s high-torque, slotless motor kits. Sierramotion specializes in designing turn-key mechatronic (mechanical, electrical and control) solutions for its clients. In many robotic, imaging, medical and precision manufacturing applications, Sierramotion would expect to integrate ThinGap’s zero cogging slotless motor kits into their designs resulting in smooth and precise motion, while still being highly-efficient.

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Press Release
ThinGap Renews ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Enhanced Quality System now supporting Large Commercial Space Program

Camarillo, CA (April 30, 2019) — ThinGap Inc announced that its ISO 9001:2015 certification has been renewed for another year and will remain in effect until May 2020.  An annual audit and renewal of ThinGap’s certificate was completed by American Global Standards, Inc.

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Press Release
ThinGap Names New CEO with High-Tech Background

Experience in Operations, Business Development and Finance

Camarillo, CA (January 16, 2019) — ThinGap Inc announced that John Baumann has joined the company as its new Chief Executive Officer.  Mr. Baumann will lead ThinGap’s management team in setting strategy and financial direction while actively participating in operations and business development.

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LS Series Motors

ThinGap, Inc has released a new product family called the LS series. The LS series of motors is designed specifically to meet the demands of low speed, high torque dense applications in a frameless configuration. The LS line, due to ThinGap’s no-cog design, is ideal for use in gimbals, robotics and other high precision positioning applications. We have several products available for off the shelf purchase with more coming this year. Custom options are also available. More details on the product family and the available motors can be found here:

In addition to this new series release ThinGap’s TG line is ever expanding. New motors are available and can be found here:

ThinGap is constantly engaged in new research and development. Projects planned or in the works include:
1. ThinGap Space – ThinGap already has motors in space. Look for expansion of space ready designs including space ready gimbal motors and reaction wheel motors.
2. Axial flux motor series – An axial flux configuration of ThinGap technology for applications where axial flatness is key
3. Linear motor series – An unwrapped version of ThinGap’s technology for 3 phase high precision linear actuation
4. ThinGap EVTOL – High power, full scale EVTOL motors for long range EVTOL with high power, torque, and efficiency dense motors in the 200kW-500kW range
5. ThinGap Hybrid – High power generators for hybrid electric aerospace applications 200kW-500kW capacity
6. ThinGap MegaWatt – Motor and generators with megawatt capacity

Stay tuned for more product updates from ThinGap!!

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