Aerospace and Defense

ThinGap’s USA-made three-phase, permanent-magnet, Brushless DC (BLDC) motor kits are zero cogging and high-efficiency, making them ideal for mission-critical Aerospace and Defense programs. Applications such as Gimbals, Satcom, and LEO satellites’ Attitude Control systems define motor performance by smooth motion, a lack of jitter, a highly linear output, a wide range of speeds, in addition to being lightweight, efficient, and reliable. ThinGap’s highly-engineered, patented motor technology is the basis for its TG Series’ high-speed, high-efficiency performance as used in Reaction Wheel Assemblies, and the LS Series’ high-torque, lower-speed precision movement is perfect for multi-axis Gimbals. To serve the Aerospace and Defense market, components must utilize low-outgassing materials, have a Space-flight heritage, and able to support stringent program requirements. Since 2015, ThinGap has shipped thousands of Space-grade or MIL-STD capable motor parts for use in commercial satellites, military and commercial aircraft, defense systems and flight-grade NASA programs.

Suggested Motor Kit: TG Series and TGR Series

Application Information: CMG and RWA Applications


Medical Devices and Robotics

Today’s modern Robotic Systems, such as surgical-systems or precision robotic armatures, require exacting movement with no mechanical disturbances in order to provide true and accurate haptic feedback to the human operator or control system. ThinGap’s motor kits are zero cogging, have near zero Eddy-current, low hysteresis, and a harmonic distortion of less than 1%, so torque output is directly proportional to current throughout the operating range. The resulting smooth motion, low profile, and linear output of ThinGap’s motor kits make them perfect for use in applications that require precision actuation and torque sensing, essentially a drive function and a feedback loop. Target applications include robotics, flight simulators and any areas where a human operation or system need force sensing. ThinGap’s slotless motor kits offer a high torque-to-weight ratio, and large through hole, and direct-drive capability that is critical to advanced Robotic, Surgical and Medical Imaging Systems.

Suggested Motor Kit: LS Series

Application Information: Medical and Robotics Applications

Unmanned Systems

In Unmanned Systems of all types, weight savings and higher efficiency means longer range and expanded mission profiles. ThinGap’s motor kits are well designed for unique applications in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV), and Hybrid-Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) and High Altitude, Long Endurance (HALE) aircraft. The ironless stator design of the TG Series largely eliminates magnetic losses within the motor kit making it capable of a system efficiency as high as 95%, especially in high-speed applications. The large through hole and ring architecture of the motor kits allows for deep integration, whereby reducing the required space and weight. ThinGap motor kits have been used to provide Airborne and Underwater propulsion, as clean-power Generators and highly-integrated Starter-Generators, and in other Unmanned Systems that benefit from coggless actuation coupled with a high power-to-weight ratio.

Suggested Motor Kit: TG Series

Application Information: UAV Power Applications

Advanced Optical Systems

ThinGap’s slotless motor kits are zero cogging, which means smooth motion for imaging and pointing capabilities, and their ring architecture allows for creative Optical designs by allowing critical parts of the system, such as lenses, to be integrated into the center of the motor. ThinGap designs deliver precise auction well suited for laser or beam steering systems like LiDAR, prism assemblies, optical sensors, and advanced imaging applications. The modern Airborne or Space-rated Gimbal and Turret Systems require high amounts of torque to quickly scan, slew and hold position precisely. ThinGap’s LS Series offers zero cogging performance with the advantage of a large through-hole, usually 65% of more of the device’s outer diameter. A large aperture saves both weight and provides valuable space for housing electronics or to pass through cabling. Both the LS and TG Series of motors’ low profile is due to an efficient mechanical design and optimized components.

Suggested Motor Kit: LS Series

Application Information: Gimbal Applications

Semiconductor Equipment and Precision Industrial

ThinGap’s coggless motor kits are capable of the high precision, a fast dynamic response, unmatched velocity smoothness, and a linear torque constant desired in a wide range of process, fabrication, test, and manufacturing equipment. The TG series provides high-speed, high-power capabilities for systems that require it and desire a highly integrated direct drive or actuator solution. The LS Series offers high torque in a compact design for lower speed, yet high precision like those required by Semiconductor Equipment designers. Precision Industrial systems can benefit from the same performance, zero cogging, and ring-motor architecture that enables unique mechanical configurations that benefits other markets for ThinGap motor kits.

Suggested Motor Kit: LS Series

Application Information: Semiconductor Applications