22 Mar 2016

ThinGap Exhibiting at AUVSI’s Xponential 2016

The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) is holding it’s annual convention May 2-5 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA. We’re always innovating, come see our latest hardware at Booth 629. More information on AUVSI can be found here:
28 Oct 2015

ThinGap presenting at Motor & Drive Systems Conference 2016

ThinGap’s CTO Evan Frank will present a talk on Efficient, Cost Competitive Control of Ironless Low Inductance Permanent Magnet Motors. More info on MD&M East 2014…
23 Mar 2015

ThinGap Exhibiting at MedTec Europe 2015

The Medical Design and Manufacturing Show (MD&M) is holding it’s annual convention 21-23 April 2015 Messe Stuttgart in Messe Stuttgart, Germany. Come see the latest ThinGap hardware and information at Booth 876. More info on MD&M East 2014…
30 Sep 2014

Aurora Awarded Funding to Continue Development of DARPA VTOL X-Plane Program

Aurora Flight Sciences announced today that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded the company Phase 1B funding to continue participation in the DARPA Vertical Take Off and Landing Experiment Plane (VTOL X-Plane) program. Read the press release here.
22 Apr 2014

ThinGap Exhibiting at MD&M East 2014

The Medical Design and Manufacturing Show (MD&M) is holding it’s annual convention June 10-12 in New York, NY. Come see the latest ThinGap hardware and information at Booth 876. More info on MD&M East 2014...
08 Oct 2013

Lift Fan Labs - ThinGap Featured in Aerospace Testing Magazine

DARPA has sponsored two ducted lift fan test efforts aimed at compact vertical take-off and landing aircraft that can fly safely in close quarters. Read the full Aerospace Testing article...
10 Jun 2013

Electric Ducted Lift Fan Completes High Powered Thrust Tests

Aurora Flight Sciences along with partners ThinGap and Trust Automation are answering the need for safe, high power density electric lift fans, with specific interest in vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) air vehicle applications. The team’s unique approach utilizes a DC brushless ring motor, high switching rate controller, and ducted fan. The low disk loading compared to turbojets and turbofans minimizes the amount of debris kicked up during operation. Read the full press release...

17 May 2013

Ventura firm’s lightweight motors well-suited to electric cars, drones

Ventura-based ThinGap will soon roll out a new line of advanced motors that could find uses in everything from unmanned aerial vehicles to electric cars. For more than a decade, Thin-Gap has been making lightweight motors with extremely good power density — that is, they produce more than three times the horsepower per pound of motor than the competition. Read full article in Pacific Coast Business Times...
13 May 2013

ThinGap Exhibiting at AUVSI 2013

The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) is holding it’s annual convention August 12-15 in Washington, D.C. Come see the latest ThinGap hardware and information at Booth 3554. More info on AUVSI 2013...
19 Apr 2013

TG7140 Ring Motor

ThinGap newest product is a 4 kW shaft power 7” outer diameter motor/generator with a rotor – stator part set that weighs less than 1.6 pounds. The motor will be offered both as a frameless part set and a complete bolt on assembly. Look for an official release Summer 2013, pre-orders are currently being accepted.
19 Sep 2012

ThinGap Engineering Services

ThinGap is offers a variety of engineering services related to motors, generators, and power electronics. See our Engineering Services page for more information.
19 Oct 2011

Sparking Advances in Electric Aircraft

It takes a leap of faith to project forward from a modified motor glider able to exceed the equivalent of 400 passenger-miles per gallon to a future electric-powered airliner, but that looks to be the way technology is headed. Read the full article in Aviation Week..
19 May 2011

Laminated-Copper DC Brushless Ironless Motors, 250-600 Oz-In

ThinGap Model 2300 Series Laminated Copper Dc Brushless Ironless Motors Are Available In Eight Models, 250-600 Oz-In., And 2,710-16,305 Rpm, With Ultra-Smooth Velocity And Virtually No Eddy Current Or Hysteresis Losses. See Photos, Diagrams. Torque/Speed Vs. Current Diagram Added On May 12. Read the full article in Control Engineering..
19 Jan 2011

ThinGap makes the cut: Control Engineering's Top 20 Articles for 2010

The most-read Control Engineering articles of 2010 at follow, based on the number of site visits per month. Energy-efficient motor technology topics, pushed by a Dec. 19 regulatory deadline and increased sustainable engineering efforts, ranked very high. Also very popular were industrial communications technologies, wireless and Ethernet, various Tips and Tricks tutorial-type advice, as well as awards recognition. Read the full article in Control Engineering..
19 Nov 2010

Brushless Permanent Magnet Ring Motor, 14-Inch Diameter, 60 KW

ThinGap 14050 Ring Motor Was Developed Under DARPA Contract Using Patented ThinGap Technology. The 14-Inch Diameter Dc Motor Produces Up To 60 KW, With Smooth Torque And Speed Because The Design Produces No Rotor-To-Stator Magnetic Forces, No Cogging, No Eddy Current Losses, And No Hysteresis, Company Said. It Has Stainless Steel Rotor And Up To 10,000 Rpm. Read the full article in Control Engineering...
19 May 2008

500 Watt Brushless DC Motor from Thingap

VENTURA, CALIFORNIA – ThinGap LLC announces the TG 2340 Brushless DC Motor, delivering 500 watts continuous shaft output power and 600 oz-in peak torque in a package with significantly less volume and weight than traditional brushless DC motors. Read All..
19 Aug 2007

Free-Swinging Robotic Leg Shows Natural Motion

Ventura, CA - Shane Migliore, NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Georgia Institute of Technology is developing a robotic leg with free-swinging movement for performing neuromuscular experiments. The key is a brush motor (TGB2011 from ThinGap Corporation ) that reduces parasitic drag. Read All..
19 Jun 2005

Unique Ring Motor for DARPA Unmanned Vehicles

A high-efficiency brushless ring motor based on patented electromotive coil technology is reducing energy consumption and increasing operational time for DARPA Unmanned Vehicles. For ground and underwater vehicles, the ring motor can eliminate transmissions, allow larger payloads, and provide an ability to move faster, farther, or longer between battery charges. Read All
19 Feb 2005

Non-Cogging Motor Improves Grinding

Mating a non-cogging motor with an ultra-precision air-bearing spindle enabled a micro-grinder spindle/indexing system for outside diameter (OD) grinding and profiling of parts with diameters as small as 25 microns. The non-cogging motor eliminated flat spots caused by conventional brushless motor cogging, while improving accuracy, repeatability, and surface finish. Read All
18 Oct 2004

ThinGap Lands $750K DARPA SBIR

Ventura-based ThinGap has landed a $750,000 DARPA contract for developing components for unmanned electric-drive vehicles. The Phase II Small Business Innovation Research Contract (SBIR II) focuses on developing an electric drive stator and armature for use in electric vehicles. The technology has the promise of a wheel hub-mounted motor assembly, eliminiating the weight of motors and a drive train in the vehicle, dramatically simplifying drive rains and increasing reliability. The company said that U.S. military is investigating the use of electric-drive unmanned ground vehicles for a variety of applications. Read All