ThinGap and Sierramotion to work on Integrated Slotless Motor Applications

Collaboration of ThinGap’s Zero Cogging Motor Kits and Sierramotion’s Motion System Expertise

Camarillo, CA (June 14, 2019) — ThinGap Inc. and Sierramotion Inc. have begun working on ways in which the two companies can collaborate in finding integration opportunities for ThinGap’s high-torque, slotless motor kits. Sierramotion specializes in designing turn-key mechatronic (mechanical, electrical and control) solutions for its clients. In many robotic, imaging, medical and precision manufacturing applications, Sierramotion would expect to integrate ThinGap’s zero cogging slotless motor kits into their designs resulting in smooth and precise motion, while still being highly-efficient.

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