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Rapid Reaction Design and Manufacturing

A graphic showcasing ThinGap's Camarillo location, next to a photo of a man carrying a box with the LS Series motor superimposed

Quick turn sample quantiles.  Industry leading lead-times.  On demand applications support. Standard, modified and custom options. ThinGap is the market leader in high performance, zero-cogging brushless DC motor kits and prides itself on the ability to rapidly react to both market demands and customer specific requirements.

Since 1999, ThinGap has developed over 100 motor designs, and shipped thousands of motors to a wide range of customers, from NASA to Fortune 500 companies, and even top Formula 1 teams. One of the key enabling factors is attributed to a tight integration of production, engineering, and operations at a single location in Camarillo, California.

ThinGap’s rapid reaction capabilities are reflected in sample quantity products often shipping within one week or less, a ramp to production volumes ship in 3-4 months, and preliminary custom designs and CAD available in 48 hours and custom design builds as soon as 12 weeks. Because of ThinGap’s advanced analytical modelling, final designs are usually within 95% of prediction performance. Well defined production processes, 3D printed tooling, refined modeling and analytical tools all contribute to the ability quickly support customers in a fast paced marketplace.

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