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ThinGap Marks the First Customer Deliveries of the Newest LS Series’ 39mm by 39mm Cogless Motor Kits

A new, taller variant of the LSI 39 frameless motor kit now means three sizes with a 39mm OD
Unique in that the part it is as tall as it is wide, resulting in very high torque despite its small size

ThinGap has delivered the first production units of its newest LSI 39 motor kits to customers. The new LSI 39-39 motor kit has an outer diameter (OD) of 39mm and also an axial height of 39mm; the height is more than double that of its sister product the LSI 39-17, and nearly quadruples that of the LSI 39-10. This increase in axial height more than doubles the continuous and peak torque outputs to 0.279 N-m and 1.020 N-m, respectively, compared to the LSI 39-17.

The LSI 39-39 can operate at speeds from 0-4,600 RPM and has a motor constant of 0.05 Kt. Thanks to the LS Series’ steel lamination stack architecture that retains the highly precise wave-wound stator coil, all LS products provide an excellent thermal path when clamped or bonded as part of system integration.

ThinGap’s customers for the LS and TG Series of motor kits consistently take advantage of the product lines’ inherent zero cogging motion, low profile and large through hole. The architecture of both product series yields a highly linear torque output, and little or no hysteresis.

The LSI 39-39, like all the small to medium-sized LS products is targeted at torquer motor applications in robotics, gimbals, and precision industrial systems, including semiconductor production and metrology equipment. With outer diameter sizes from as small as 25mm, and up to 267mm, the LS line ranges in continuous torque from 0.1 N-m up to 12.0 N-m. Standard, modified, and full custom designs are available in both in-runner and out-runner configurations.

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