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ThinGap Motor Kits in the Medical and Robotics Markets

Today’s modern Robotic Systems and Collaborative Robots, including robotically assisted surgical-systems, require smooth precision motion in their robotic joints and end-effectors. Haptic systems require accurate torque feedback without mechanical disturbances to improve the human control experience. Multi-axis robots in manufacturing and semiconductor applications need low profile, frameless kits that fit inside articulating wrists, elbows, and shoulder axes while having high torque and low heat.

ThinGap’s motor kits have multiple important characteristics which make them highly effective for both haptic feedback and actuation applications. The linear torque output, little to no hysteretic drag, and ultra high magnetic efficiency of the ThinGap’s motor kits make them exceptional for Haptic feedback. At the same time, the motor kits provide zero-cogging for precise and smooth motion, a low profile and large through hole to assist with integration, and a lightweight motor kit with a high torque to weight ratio. All of these attributes make ThinGap motor kits a must-have for medical and robotic products.