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H-LSI 267-32 Demos ThinGap’s Motor Assembly Capabilities

Designed around a low profile cogless motor with an optical encoder, precision bearing set, and anodized aluminum housing, the unit is for use in a ground-based NASA optical platform.

ThinGap recently shipped a housed version of its LSI 267-32 motor kit to a commercial customer in support of a ground-based NASA application, adding to the list of successful deliveries of housed units. Built around the company’s slotless 267 mm outer diameter BLDC motor kit, the H-LSI 267-32 integrates the high performance motor with a precision bearing set, and an optical encoder into a lightweight, Chem Film coated aluminum housing.

As a turnkey solution designed for a ground-based optical platform, this unit adds to ThinGap’s repertoire of housed and framed motor assemblies. The assembly measures 282 mm in diameter, with an axial height of 86 mm, and an internal aperture of 190 mm; the whole assembly weighs in at 8.34 kg (18.4 Lbs.), and produces a continuous torque output of 12.5 N-m, with a peak 1-second torque of 184 N-m.

Customers often come to ThinGap in need of a motor kit, wanting to take advantage of the low-profile, lightweight, and frameless architecture that is ideal for deep system integration. Yet, the time and cost of developing a housed solution are not lost on program managers and developers, so the availability of a ThinGap-led, fully engineered direct drive assembly provides a tangible advantage.

Beyond zero cogging, ThinGap’s air core motor kits have near zero Eddy current, and a harmonic distortion of less than 1%, so torque output is directly proportional to current. The resulting smooth motion and linear output makes them perfect for use in precision applications. ThinGap’s LS Series of slotless motor kits range in size from 25 to 267 mm in diameter, torque from 0.1 to 12 N-m continuous, and voltages from 24-400 volts.

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