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ThinGap comments on Industry Report predicting $39B growth in the Brushless DC Motors Market

A recent industry analysis was published by Infiniti Research Limited detailing the expected size and growth rate of the global Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor market and it pointed to some impressive trends.

The industry research published by Infiniti Research in January 2020 predicts that the BLDC Motor Market will experience a dramatic growth of $38.8B between 2020 and 2024, which equates to an expected 13% CAGR during this forecast period.

It is no secret that electric motors have increased in popularity in recent years, case in point, the hugely successful emergence of electric vehicles, like the Tesla brand. While electric cars are a high-profile application, activity in the multi-billion dollar BLDC motor industry is much more pervasive due to trends toward direct drive motion, automation and the benefits of increased efficiency and sustainability offered by electric motors. Beyond traditional applications for electric motors, like the heavy industrial market, a wide range of emerging industries have taken interest in the many benefits of BLDC motors.

While BLDC motor applications and benefits are new to many, ThinGap has been operating on the forefront of the technology for the past two decades. ThinGap’s unique focus has been Slotless Motor kits, which are defined by having a stator that has a uniform wire-wrapped coil and avoids the use of teeth in the back-iron that a typical Slotted Motor would have. This proprietary approach of making slotless stators, coupled with optimized placement of permanent magnets on the rotor, results in a very high torque-to-weight ratio, zero cogging motion and large inner through-holes.

ThinGap has designed and manufactured BLDC motors for a wide range of applications, including aerospace, medical, and specialized industrial equipment. Having experienced an

impressive rate of growth over the last several years, ThinGap expects to far exceed any underlying expansion in the overall market for BLDC motors with its continued emphasis on targeted applications that benefit from smooth and precise motion, along with efficiency and weight optimization.

Click here to view the full industry report.