Zero-Cogging Slotless Motors For Medical Robotics

While a majority of ThinGap’s motor kits are destined for airborne or spaceborne applications, the same attributes that help serve aerospace customers also are desirable for many medical applications. Smooth, zero-cogging, high precision motor kits, such as ThinGap’s are ideal for not only surgical robotics, but diagnostic and imaging equipment as well.

Modern surgical robotics systems require precise, exacting movement with no chance for mechanical disturbances to ensure the highest level of patient care. Zero-cogging motor kits are the ideal solution for true and accurate operator haptic feedback, as well as precision actuation. ThinGap’s TG Series motor kits have been used for haptic feedback for a surgical robotic system, due to the lack of both hysteretic drag afforded by the ironless motor architecture, enabling true force feedback without any disruptions.

ThinGap’s LS Series has seen integration in high-precision robotics due to the motor architecture’s extremely smooth, highly precise motion. Additionally, low profile motion solutions with a large internal aperture are desired for the ability to route optics or cabling through the center as part of deep system integration.

ThinGap’s motor kits have near zero Eddy-current, low or zero hysteretic drag, and a harmonic distortion of less than 1%, so torque output is directly proportional to current throughout the operating range, as well as providing smooth, zero-cogging motion. Additionally, ThinGap has maintained a long-standing relationship with a leading surgical robotics manufacturer supplying motors, and regularly works with other medical industry OEMs to produce tailor-made solutions that meet regulatory approval.