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Small But Mighty, the LSI 39 Range Offers Breakthrough In Precision Actuation

ThinGap has continued the build-out the LS Series of slotless motor kits with release of the LSI 39 parts offering. The new LSI 39’s, with their small 39 mm (1.5 inch) outer diameter (OD), are targeted for use in robotics, gimbals and precision industrial applications, including semiconductor production and test equipment. Like all LSI products, they can also be modified for vacuum compatibility, as needed in Space-based systems.

The new LSI 39 motors are available in three different axial heights (10 mm, 17 mm, and 39 mm) and are zero cogging, low in profile and have a highly linear torque output. The motors are intended to fit between the existing LSI 25 and LSI 51 motor kits, and can deliver between 0.03 and 0.28 N-m of continuous torque at 6,400 RPM.

Low-rate product quantities of the new LSI 39 products will be shipped to customers in early February. Complete datasheets and CAD model are available at for immediate design considerations.

To see the full LS Series of motor kits, click here.