Monthly Archives: January 2022

ThinGap Demonstrates Large Motor Capability with the Delivery of its LSO 393

Camarillo, CA (January 11, 2022) – ThinGap has delivered its latest large-size production unit, the LSO 393-31 motor kit to a commercial customer. The LSO 393-31 motor kit has an outer diameter (OD) of 393 mm and an axial height of 31 mm, providing a continuous torque output of 14.47 N-m, and a peak torque of 93.0 N-m.

With 20 years of experience in the design and production of its slotless motor kits, ThinGap is able to leverage proven analytical models and advanced design optimization that results in highly accurate transitions from predicted performance to test results. Furthermore, the process steps needed to produce motors of all sizes is highly scalable. ThinGap has shipped “large” class motors in the nominal sizes of 230-, 280-, 400-, 500-, and 600-mm OD, ranging in output of 10 to 400 kW of output energy.

Customers looking for unique and demanding performance requirements have repeatedly come to ThinGap for custom, application-specific, and modified-standard products to meeting their demanding applications. The recent repeated delivery of the LSO 393-31 is yet another example of this capability.

New LSI 39 Expands LS Line And Offers Deep Integration

ThinGap has continued the build-out the LS Series of slotless motor kits with the latest release, three different LS “in-runner” frameless motor kits. The new LSI 39 products have an outer dimension (OD) of 39 mm or 1.5 inches, and are available in three different axial heights of 10 mm, 17 mm, and 39 mm. These motors are able to deliver between 0.033 and 0.279 N-m of continuous torque at 6,400 RPM. Much higher levels of peak torque are possible for shorter durations. Low rate product quantities of the new LSI 39 products will be shipped to customers in January 2022, and complete datasheets and CAD model are available for immediate design considerations.

Like all ThinGap motors, aside from being cogless, the stator windings are very thin and the rotor is optimized, resulting in a precision movement within a low-profile form factor with a very large through-hole. The LS line of torquer motors is being widely used in gimbals, optics, robotics and precision industrial applications that need cogless movement and are also looking for efficiency, low harmonic distortion, highly linear torque output and a compact form factor.

“The addition of a new smaller-sized set of motor to the LS Series really helps fill out the lower end of the product line,” said Joseph Kay, Director of Engineering at ThinGap. “We continue to establish ourselves as the market leader for slotless motor kits and assemblies, whether as part of our Standard Products or commonly modified-standard, and custom designs.”

This new variant of the LS fits in between the already established LSI 25 and LSI 51 motors sized motor sets and is part of the ongoing addition of variants within ThinGap’s LS product line. The LS Line of is ideally suited for smooth and precise motion in targeted applications in the typical aerospace, medical, precision industrial and communications markets. With OD sizes from as small as 25 mm and up to 267 mm, the LS line range in continuous torque from 0.1 N-m up to 12 N-m.