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A Relied-On Source for USA-Designed BLDC Solutions.

High performance motor kits used in Space has become ThinGap’s largest end-market in recent years. Reaction Wheel Assemblies (RWAs) used in Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) micro-satellites is one of the largest applications for the Company’s high-speed TG Series. The LS Series, like the model used in the OCI, is commonly used in advanced gimbal systems that require high amounts of torque, in some cases, to quickly and precisely move in both azimuth and elevation, and in other cases, to quickly compensate for external “tumbling” disturbances common in orbit.

Government customers represent a small, but important, aspect of ThinGap’s motor development and production business targeted at aerospace, industrial, and medical applications. The delivery of motor kits to NASA adds to ThinGap’s long list of Government customers, including DARPA, US DOE, US Navy, US Air Force, and JPL.

“ThinGap considers it an honor to support NASA projects, both past and present. Our emphasis on engineered-solutions, performance and as a USA-source make us a perfect fit for important Government programs,” said John Baumann, ThinGap’s CEO.