TGR Brushless Motor Series

ThinGap’s New Line of Motor Kits Designed for Reaction Wheel Assemblies.

  • High Efficiency: Using slotless, ironless coils made with fine stranded wire, the TGR series of motor kits lends itself to very low drag at high operating speeds, with a significant improvement over traditional iron core slotted motors.
  • High Torque-to-weight ratio: ThinGap’s patented motor topology allows the TGR series to produce up to 12x the amount of torque available from competing motors of an equivalent size.
  • Optimized Rotor Inertia: The motor kit maximizes the inertia for a given weight and size into the rotor. The resulting package is lighter weight for the same momentum storage capacity.
  • Dynamic Response: The TGR series uses a wave-wound coil, which results in a back EMF that is sinusoidal, with a total harmonic distortion of less than 1%. When paired with a sinusoidal drive, torque ripple is minimized and much lower than similar motors.
  • Scalable Design: The TGR series uses a highly scalable design, allowing for modifications to the envelope and output of the motor kits. Contact our Applications team for more details.


Available Products

Average Lead Time: 8-10 weeks
Average Non-Stock Lead Time: 16 weeks

Motor ModelMax Speed (RPM)Continuous Torque in Atmosphere (N-m)Continuous Torque in Vacuum (N-m)Motor Weight (kg)Rotor Inertia (Kg-m^2)
TGR 29-12
TGR 45-20
TGR 60-2816,0000.4600.0800.2731.38E-04
TGR 79-26 16,0000.6640.1140.2592.34E-04
TGR 89-26 6,0000.7450.3460.4103.44E-04

Standard TG Motors Commonly Used in Reaction Wheels

TG 384216,0000.1790.0350.1621.71E-04
TG 513X18,4001.680.7269.42E-04
TG 713X13,7002.981.1792.82E-03