Monthly Archives: October 2004

ThinGap Lands $750K DARPA SBIR

Ventura-based ThinGap has landed a $750,000 DARPA contract for developing components for unmanned electric-drive vehicles. The Phase II Small Business Innovation Research Contract (SBIR II) focuses on developing an electric drive stator and armature for use in electric vehicles. The technology has the promise of a wheel hub-mounted motor assembly, eliminiating the weight of motors and a drive train in the vehicle, dramatically simplifying drive rains and increasing reliability. The company said that U.S. military is investigating the use of electric-drive unmanned ground vehicles for a variety of applications. Read All

Slotless, Brushless PM Motor Is Efficient

Despite Some Declarations That Electric Motors Have Become “Commodity Items,” New Motor Innovations Continue To Reach The Market Via Novel Hardware Refinements And New Software Tools. For Instance, TG3600 Series Slotless, Brushless PM Motors From ThinGap Motor Technologies (Ventura, CA) Incorporate New Winding Technology That Promises To Eliminate Eddy Current And Hysteresis Losses, And Obtain … Read All