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Electric Ducted Lift Fan Completes High Powered Thrust Tests

Aurora Flight Sciences along with partners ThinGap and Trust Automation are answering the need for safe, high power density electric lift fans, with specific interest in vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) air vehicle applications. The team’s unique approach utilizes a DC brushless ring motor, high switching rate controller, and ducted fan. The low disk loading compared to turbojets and turbofans minimizes the amount of debris kicked up during operation. Read the full press release…

TG7140 Ring Motor

ThinGap newest product is a 4 kW shaft power 7” outer diameter motor/generator with a rotor – stator part set that weighs less than 1.6 pounds. The motor will be offered both as a frameless part set and a complete bolt on assembly. Look for an official release Summer 2013, pre-orders are currently being accepted.

ThinGap makes the cut: Control Engineering’s Top 20 Articles for 2010

The most-read Control Engineering articles of 2010 at follow, based on the number of site visits per month. Energy-efficient motor technology topics, pushed by a Dec. 19 regulatory deadline and increased sustainable engineering efforts, ranked very high. Also very popular were industrial communications technologies, wireless and Ethernet, various Tips and Tricks tutorial-type advice, as well as awards recognition. Read the full article in Control Engineering..

Brushless Permanent Magnet Ring Motor, 14-Inch Diameter, 60 KW

ThinGap 14050 Ring Motor Was Developed Under DARPA Contract Using Patented ThinGap Technology. The 14-Inch Diameter Dc Motor Produces Up To 60 KW, With Smooth Torque And Speed Because The Design Produces No Rotor-To-Stator Magnetic Forces, No Cogging, No Eddy Current Losses, And No Hysteresis, Company Said. It Has Stainless Steel Rotor And Up To 10,000 Rpm. Read the full article in Control Engineering…