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Space-rated Slottless Motor Kits for Reaction Wheels Assemblies and Attitude Control Solutions

With two lines of high performance slotless motors — both with space heritage, ThinGap’s patented technology is well suited for active control applications. The TG Series’ high-speed, high-efficiency is ideal for momentum-wheels in both RWA and CMG.  The LS Series’ high-torque, lower-speed precision movement is perfect for gimbal applications, like those in a CMG architecture and related Satcom and Optical applications.

Since 2015, ThinGap has shipped thousands of space-grade or MIL-STD rated motor parts for use in commercial satellites, UAV, military and commercial aircraft, and flight-grade NASA programs.  Using its proprietary design, very thin wire-wrapped stators and optimized permanent-magnet rotors, all ThinGap designs match the torque output of slotted motors while avoiding the cogging that plagues them. Cogging is an unwanted magnetic torque disturbance inherent in slotted motors.

ThinGap’s slotless architecture provides smooth motion that is critical to communication and optical systems that need precision aiming and pointing over long distances. The ring-shape mechanical design is a perfect form-factor for aerospace applications with their need for high efficiency, precision actuation, direct drive capability and open aperture.