Custom Products

We understand that your application is unique. ThinGap offers custom motor solutions to meet your specific design requirements to make sure you get perfect BLDC motors for your application.

Our engineers have years of experience designing fully custom or modified motor solutions to meet our customer’s demanding needs. We realize that design experience is only part of the equation. Having the right tools and process discipline are needed to execute your design, on time and on budget. ThinGap offers end-to-end custom motor design services for our BLDC zero cogging motors.

Custom composite, lightweight, high efficiency aerospace motor part set

Custom Motor Solutions

Custom composite stator design for a BLDC, zero cogging motor

ThinGap offers custom BLDC motor and generator development.  Our capabilities cover a wide range of specifications and markets

  • A complete suite of software packages including advanced numerical analysis, magnetic 3D FEA, CAD packages, and proprietary tools allow for quick preliminary analysis and efficient “what if” trade studies
  • Refined models allow seamless transition from specifications to hardware realization
  • Typical design outputs fall within 5% of nominal specifications

Custom Motor Development Process

Custom high torque, high power aerospace BLDC motor

  1. Customer provides detailed specifications and performance goals
  2. ThinGap provides rapid turnaround of preliminary motor design and product rendition
  3. Jointly review design and performance goals; agree on product performance and rendition
  4. Establish timeline, development costs, and volume pricing
  5. ThinGap provides development proposal with product specifications, statement of work, timeline, and pricing
  6. ThinGap executes design, development, testing, and integration
  7. Jointly execute implementation and design revisions if needed; ThinGap transitions to volume production

To find out more about our custom motor and generator solutions contact us here.