Medical Devices and Technologies

ThinGap’s three-phase, permanent magnet, Brushless DC (BLDC) motors are lightweight and offer low-noise operation. Our proprietary ironless stator technology also yields “True-Zero™”zero cogging torque. This gives them exceptionally precise positioning and unmatched velocity smoothness.These features make our motors ideally suited for medical equipment. In portable medical equipment applications, ThinGap motors are inherently low impedance which translates to higher efficiency and longer battery life.

ThinGap motors are widely used in Portable Oxygen Concentrators due to their light weight/high torque features. For respirators,ThinGap Brushless DC motors’ ironless stator gives them fast dynamic response which results in the ability to change fan speed quickly. This along with our low noise, velocity smoothness and “True-Zero™” zero cogging torque make them ideal for respirators.

For any type of patient-based fluid pump, ThinGap’s ring architecture can reduce parts count and increase efficiency by allowing improved integration of the motor and pump. This is because it is possible to mount the rotor on the pump shaft with a common bearing.

When used in diagnostic machines such as CT scanners, ThinGap’s motors deliver high torque with “True-Zero ™”zero cogging torque which enables absolutely smooth rotation.

ThinGap’s motors are lightweight and yet also deliver high torque. The ring architecture allows it to be integrated into the wheel or hub of a wheel chair. Zero cogging means the wheels of a wheel chair, or the lifts of a bed, will be absolutely smooth which results in greater patient comfort and control.


  • Unrivaled rotational smoothness
  • Low noise
  • Light weight
  • High torque density


  • Portable Oxygen Concentrators
  • Respirators
  • Gas & Liquid Pumping Systems
  • Diagnostics and Scanners
  • Patient Mobility: Electric Wheelchairs and Hospital Beds