Semiconductor and Precision Manufacturing

ThinGap’s unique “True-Zero ™ zero-cogging torque technology makes it the motor of choice when velocity smoothness and precision positioning are required. Additionally, ThinGap’s ring-motor architecture enables unique mechanical configurations.

Semiconductor and other precision manufacturing equipment require precise positioning and velocity smoothness. While other companies claim to have “zero cogging torque”, only ThinGap really delivers “True-Zero ™”zero-cogging torque motors. In contrast to slotless motors, ThinGap’s completely ironless stator has no magnetic interaction with the rotor until purposely energized by the controller. ThinGap is the only leading motor company that offers ironless stators. It is our core technology and is protected by several key patents.


  • True-Zero™zero-cogging torque enables smoother, more precise rotation and positioning
  • Ring-motor architecture allows higher level of integration and reduced components
  • Fast dynamic response
  • High torque to weight ratio


  • Semiconductor Handling and Processing Equipment
  • Robotic Actuation
  • Precision Measurement
  • Precision Polishing
  • Direct Drive Robots
  • Direct Drive Rotary Stages
  • Turret Rotation
  • Gimbal Systems
  • Industrial Robots and Tools
  • Droids