Thin Gap High Performance Generators

ThinGap frameless permanent magnet generators are a perfect solution for any application requiring light weight and high efficiency. Our ironless stator technology results in generators which are 2 to 5 times lighter than the industrial standard while remaining cost competitive.

Our low inductance generators result in a very stable voltage source with low voltage droop when loaded. Depending on system design specifics, ThinGap generators can deliver as high as 95% system efficiency.


  • Frameless architecture
  • Ironless Stator
  • Robust High Energy permanent magnet rotor
  • Power capacity from 100W to 100Kw
  • Three phase AC output


  • Light weight
  • Low inductance, low droop voltage source
  • High system integration


  • Starter-generators for UAV and aerospace power applications
  • Portable generator systems requiring light weight, high performance, high efficiency generators
  • RAT (Ram Air Turbine) Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

ThinGap products can be used as either motors or generators. Click here to see our standard generator and motor products