ThinGap Announces Delivery of its new LSI 267-58 Motor Kits to Customers

ThinGap has delivered the first production units of its new LSI 267-58 motor kits to commercial customers. The new LSI 267-58 motor kit has an outer diameter (OD) of 267 mm and an axial height of 58 mm, nearly double that of its smaller counterpart motor, the LSI 267-32. The new LSI 267-58’s increase in axial height more than doubles the continuous torque output to 24.4 N-m, up from 11.5 from the LSI 267-32. In addition, peak torque has grown three-fold, from 68.1 N-m to 191.0 N-m.

The outer diameter of the LSI 267 motor kits is approximately 10.5 inches across, making it the same size as a small pizza. The LSI 267 kits are targeted at in gimbals and industrial applications that need cogless movement and are also looking for highly linear torque output, a low profile and a large through hole.

With OD sizes from as small as 25 mm and up to 267 mm, the LS line ranges in continuous torque from 0.1 N-m up to 24.0 N-m. Standard, modified-standard, and custom designs are available in both in-runner (rotor position relative to the stator) and out-runner configurations.