What’s in a Name

A name is an important part of understanding what makes a company special. Be it a giant corporation or a small business, each name shows where the company came from or what the company does that allowed it to carve out a niche in an industry. ThinGap is no different and our name describes what makes our motors some of the best slotless DC motors on the market. It’s all about the thin gap

Not all slotless motors are created equally, production techniques and coil choice have a substantial effect on how much a motor weighs and how well it performs. Most slotless motors use pre-wound coils which are then pressed into the lamination stack. While these coils are easy to produce, they make the motor much heavier and reduce its overall effectiveness since there is so much space between the magnets due to the coil. ThinGap works around this problem by wrapping the wiring for the coil around the lamination stack in a lattice pattern. This reduces the weight and size of the coils, allowing for a more efficient motor. The reduced size of the coil also allows for the magnets to be placed closer together creating a much thinner gap. So next time you are looking into buying a slotless motor, ask yourself a question. How thin is the Gap?