H-LSI 75-12—A Demonstration of Possibilities

ThinGap has made available a Direct Drive Motor assembly intended as a Technology Demonstrator and featuring LS Series of slotless motors. Using a low profile, 150 gram, 75 mm-OD motor kit, the new “H-LSI 75-12” includes ThinGap’s high-performance cogless motor, a precision bearing set, and a 20-bit absolute encoder from Renishaw. The part aims to demonstrate the superior performance of ThinGap’s motor technology and offers customers a chance to purchase the assembly as a test unit, demonstrator, in support of rapid prototyping, or even low-rate production applications needing a turnkey solution.

Most OEMs come to ThinGap in need of a motor kit, wanting to take advantage of the low profile, lightweight, large aperture, and frameless architecture that is ideal for deep system integration. Yet, the time and cost of engineering a housed solution are not lost on program managers and developers, so in some cases, the availability of a fully engineered, direct drive assembly provides a real advantage.

To learn more about the H-LSI 75-12, click here.