Higher Torque in a Taller Package

With the release of the new LSI 25-16 and LSI 25-25, ThinGap has begun its expansion of the LSI line of motor kits with its new “Tall” options. These new motor kits will use the same outer diameter as the base motor kits in the line but will increase the axial height of the kits. This allows the motor kits to provide increased torque output while still maintaining a specific radial profile. The tall options for the motor kit should allow the LSI series to be an effective fit for applications with high torque requirements while still maintaining high performance, zero cogging, and high efficiency.

The addition of more “tall” options will continue in 2021 with the LSI 51 and LSI 59 receiving the next variants in Q1. Keep an eye out in the coming months for more information on these new motor kits