ThinGap’s Motor Tech Covered By Partner Sierramotion

ThinGap’s motor technology has been covered in a very informative article by our close business partner Sierramotion entitled “DIRECT DRIVE – AN ENGINEER’S GUIDE”.

The Applications Team at Sierramotion recently posted a blog on their company’s website where they outlined the desired motor performance in Direct Drive applications, focusing on characteristics such as zero-cogging, and large internal diameter.  While ThinGap was not mentioned by name (no vendors were), an image of the LS Series slotless motor kit was prominently shown.

One interesting excerpt from the post related to motors is sited below:

“The accurate definition of a motor has to do with its mechanism for generating torque or force and how many electromagnetic phases it has and how they are controlled/commutated. Electromagnetic (EM) torque/force production is derived from an interaction between two magnetic fields or through a change in reluctance or permeance with position/angle, (or some combination of these two main groups). There are four main electromagnetic motor types in use today; brush commutated DC or AC motors, electronically commutated Synchronous Permanent Magnet Motors (AKA Brushless DC), AC Induction Motors (AKA Asynchronous), and electronically commutated Variable Reluctance (AKA Switched Reluctance). Of course, there are hybrid combinations of these technologies also in use. There aren’t any new forms of EM torque generation, in spite of what you may read on the internet.”

To read the complete Sierramotion post, click here